The Artist


Stéphane Alsac is a Wildlife Painter.

He works in oil and watercolor. His favorite subjects are the wild animals of Europe and Africa.

Stephan’s approach could be defined as hyper-realist : “The exact representation of wildlife anatomy and the realistic treatment of the subject’s texture captivate the viewer who can then fully appreciate the intended message and emotion communicated by the artist.”

He is a self-taught artist, having acquiring amazing technique by taking inspiration from the great french portrait painters. Stéphane travels regularly to the heart of Africa and reproduces what moved him during his travels in the form of sketches: an Oryx fight, a lioness on the hunt, Hyenas on the lookout, a Leopard in his tree. Back in his studio Stéphane swaps his pencil for his brushes: on large canvases, he tries to capture the dramaturgy and the beauty of wild Africa.

His brush strokes are delicate and the details so polished you could count the hairs of the fur.  But it is usually the eyes of the animal that fascinate the viewer. A wild gaze that Stephan aptly depicts with precision and a genuine dose of emotion.

His Masterpiece “The Big One” is 8.2’ x 6,6’ and it depicts the full force of a charging elephant. This is a masterpiece he has been working on for 12 months.

In few years, Stephan has become one of the leading wildlife Painter in France and Europe. Stephan Alsac’s paintings have been collected by amateurs from all over the world: businessmen, collectors, politicians …

In the press, the work of Stephan has been featured in numerous french and foreign magazines, and on television in the 1st french channel news broadcast and on the Hunting channel “Seasons” in a 52” documentary.

Stephan is a signatory member of the prestigious Society of Animal Artists and supports conservation associations such as Wires, Doli or Explorers against Extinction.

Awards :

  • Baron Award of the Wildlife Artist National Fair – Paris – France – 2019
  • Medal of Excellence “Artists For Conservation Exhibit 2016” – Canada
  • Finalist  Contest ” Golden Turtle 2015″ – Russia
  • Finalist Contest ” Golden Turtle 2014″ – Russia
  • Silver Medal Painting at the Animal Artist Fair  – Paris – France  2014

Signature Member of “The Society of Animal Artists”


Support the Association “Explorers against Extinction”


Support the association “WIRES – Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation”


Support the association “Doli”

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