$ 52.80 à $ 104.40

Original painting sold

Limited Edition Art print s/n 50 numbered and signed by Stephan Alsac

  • Watercolor paper 210 g/m²
  • Dim : 30 cm x 21 cm
  • Framed dim: 33 cm x 27 cm
  • frame in light oak style
  • Warranty 85 years under glass
the watermark does not appear on the final print

“Lion Kid 3”

$ 52.80 à $ 104.40

In stock


“LION KID 3” – “the wild kids” COLLECTION

Original watercolor drawing by Stephan Alsac, contemporary wildlife artist: A very young lion.

Lion cubs live in large families called “prides”. Protected by these clans, cubs learn quickly through play and interaction with adults. This little baby is just a few weeks old, with pearly blue eyes and a furious desire to roar.

“The Wild Kids” Collection is a collection of drawings, watercolors and paintings dedicated to the little ones of wild animals. As we all know, children love animals, especially when they’re small. With this collection, I’d like to raise our children’s awareness of the need to protect all species. Our children often make us think of cunning little lions or foxes; in the end, “The Wild Kids” are not so different.


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