The Digigraphie

The Digigraphie

What is Digigraphie ?

Digigraphie is the new quality standard printing process that replaces lithography with an entirely digital process.

Digigraphie is recognized for its qualities of color rendering and resistance to time. This quality label is used by museums and the greatest contemporary artists. This is for you the assurance of a quality fine print that meets the artist’s strict commitments: a strictly limited series, a perfect match of colors and resistance to time.

What is the Process ?
  1. Digitization
    The original work, an oil painting or a watercolor, is first scanned at very high definition in a specialized laboratory on contactless scanning tables. This work is carried out by professionals in the presence of the Artist. We obtain a digital file which we will now have to work on.
  2. Color retouching or “Chromie”
    Stephan Alsac then reworks the digital file on a retouching software using the original painting as a reference. He adjusts the white balance, color balance, light and contrast levels to get the best color match.
  3. Test Phases
    The file is then sent to the Digigraphie Laboratory, a certified printing press specializing in Fine Art Print. The Lab prints “test strips” on the chosen support, in this case: matte canvas. Stéphane Alsac checks the print by directly laying these test strips on the original painting. Several adjustments and several tests are often necessary to obtain the best rendering.
  4. The Artist’s proofs.
    Once the test phase has been validated, the laboratory prints the first proofs, these are the “artist’s proofs”: 3 numbered and signed printing proofs EA1, EA2 and EA3 which are the first special editions, in order to make the last small adjustments necessary. These proofs are either kept by the artist or sold in “Special Editions”.
  5. The printing of the first numbers.
    Once all this work is done, the first prints can finally leave the laboratory. They will be signed and numbered by hand by the Artist and will be accompanied by their certificate of authenticity. There are therefore two signatures on the print: the signature of the original work (this one is printed) and the signature of the print (made by hand)
What is the point of a Digigraphie ?

Stephan Alsac offers limited edition prints of his most beautiful works on a high quality medium that he himself has validated and signed.

The limited numbering, the artist’s signature as well as the certificate of authenticity grant the print a value on the art market.

Conversely, the distribution of the prints of a painting and therefore its visibility raises the price rating of the Original Work.

I chose Digigraphie as a method of reproducing my paintings, because it guarantees me a high quality of printing.

I am very demanding about the colors and details that I put on my paintings; it is therefore logical for me to find the same requirements in my prints.

Digigraphie offers an almost perfect match of color, detail and incomparable finesse. I find my “Artist Touch” there.

I have been offering digigraphies for over 15 years and they have not suffered any outrage over time; that’s why, I guarantee them for life.

I am as proud of my digigraphies as I am of my originals.

Stephan Alsac

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