Each painting by Stéphane Alsac is unique and comes from an inspiration, from a personal desire of the Artist.

Many collectors appeal to Stéphane to realize the painting of their dreams. More than just a painting, Stéphane focuses on transcribing your memories, your experience and your emotions on the canvas through a realistic painting.

During your discussions with the Artist, you will define together the contours of your project: an animal, a scene or an atmosphere, which will harmonize with your interior, while taking into account your constraints of dimensions and budgets.

Contact Stéphane by email: or by phone: 06 30 31 04 70 to tell him about your project. Stephane Alsac speaks french and english.


“The Big One”

Oil on Canvas – 250 x 200 cm

“The Big One”, it’s a challenge that one day, a client … a friend now, gave me: to paint the biggest painting possible. Challenge that I accepted without really knowing what I was engaging in.

I think there is, in the life of an artist, a work that takes a special place. This is the case of “The Big One”. It’s been a long time since I wanted to embark on such a challenge and I think that afterwards I did not realize what it meant: an oil painting of 2.50 meters high and 2 meters wide representing a life size elephant …

A year of work, moments of doubt, moments of happiness, a lot of used paint tubes, not to mention used brushes … The day I put the finishing touches will remain engraved in me forever as a moment full of emotion and pride: I had succed !

Beyond the prowess, this painting is a “big” part of myself and I am happy that it is hanging at the house of a dear friend. Thus, I can come say hello from time to time, and, oddly, I do not get tired of watching … My “Big One”