the hyper-realistic painting of a lion with its mouth open
large lion painting in a chic living room
Detail of the painting "maximus": portrait of a magnificent hyper-realistic lion by StephanAlsac
Detail of the large lion painting: "Maximus", the portrait of a lion in realistic oil painting
large painting of a lion in portrait created by the artist Stephan Alsac

$ 1,600.00 à $ 3,600.00

Original Painting Sold

Limited Edition Giclee available
  • – Limited edition numbered from 1 to 50 hand signed by the Artist
  • – Canvas 350 g/m² Mat
  • Digigraphie® certified printing Giclee
  • – Option : matte black floater frame

The Print is numbered and signed with a certificate of authenticity. There are two signatures : the original painting signature which is printed and the signature of the print by the Artists’s hand.

Available sizes :

  • – Classic : 90 x 60 cm (35” x 23”), framing optional
  • – Large: 140 x 90 cm (55” x 36”) ,  framing optional

Framing recommended:

  • – The matte black floater frame add a modern, elegant finish. The framing is made by hand by a french artisan.

Shipment Choice :

  • – Rolled in a tube. You can stretch the canvas yourself or have it done by your framer. Shipping costs are cheaper.
  • – Stretched : The canvas is stretched over the unframed wooden stretcher. The painting is delivered in a wooden case by carrier and ready to hang.
  • – Framed in a floater frame : The canvas is stretched and framed in a beautiful matte black floater frame. The painting is delivered in a wooden case by carrier and ready to hang.

The watermark does not appear on the print.

the hyper-realistic painting of a lion with its mouth open


$ 1,600.00 à $ 3,600.00

In stock


“Maximus” – Oil Painting – portrait of a Lion.

The first encounter with a lion is a moment that marks for life. Whether during a photo safari or a hunt, meeting the gaze of the king of the savannah does not leave you unscathed.

With each new painting, I ask myself the question: what is the purpose of this piece, what is the message that I am going to convey, what is the emotion I want to convey?

I firmly believe that we all carry within us the memory of our ancestors, a survival instinct, a hunter’s instinct, which makes us have this ancestral fear of the predator. I am captivated by the lion, I feel a primal fear mixed with fascination. that’s exactly what I want to convey in this array. I want to create a silent dialogue between man and beast, to find this irrational fear in his gaze.

I want to give my representation of the lion in all its majesty and savagery. The image of the ultimate predator, it must be both beautiful and menacing. We find this duality in the opposition of warm tones and cold tones.The composition is raw, essential: portrait, without embellishment in chiaroscuro. The gaze is piercing, you have to get lost in it and not be able to get out.

Finally, I detail more precisely the eyes, the muzzle and the mouth. The rest of the head loses focus in order to capture the viewer’s gaze more.

The title of this painting is “Maximus”, superlative of Magnus in Latin which means the greatest.

About the Artist:

Stephan Alsac is a hyper-realistic contemporary animal painter. His paintings, most often oil paintings, represent animals with an astonishing realism close to photography. The idea here is not to reproduce a photo, but to enhance the animal and make it “more real than life”.

You want to immortalize a moment, a Safari memory, order an Original Painting in the size that suits you and in the style of painting that suits you.

Contact Stephan Alsac to discuss your painting project with him. He will work with you to define the animal subject that meets your expectations and will enhance your interior.


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