The Big One – Part 10

The Big One – Part 10

After a long, long pause I came back this weekend on the Elephant. For those who discovered the beast for the first time, I invite them to follow the evolution  step by step of the painting starting from the beginning here.

The Big One - trompe de l'éléphant
Work on the trunk of the Elephant

I left our “Big One” with his trunk half finished. Since then I worked on the rest of the trunk to the bottom.

Here, the challenge is to move from a texture of cracks to a texture made up of folds, the transition is gradual and it is essential to keep consistency throughout the trunk, including color. If I make a mistake with the shadow and light, the viewer will be subconsciously disturbed and will not appreciate the whole painting.

The Big One : "The Trunk" - detail

It is not necessary to draw the details of the bottom of the trunk, because it will be partly hidden by the dust raised by the elephant.

However I am not satisfied with the rounded effect of the whole trunk , I will work harder on it by accentuating some light effects

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