Lord Derby Eland

Lord Derby Eland

Not new for all who came and saw it at the Hunting Fair of Rambouillet, here is a study drawing of a Derby Eland also known as Giant Eland.

Derby Elan - 40 x 30 cm

Thank you So much to each of you who visited my stand at the International Hunting Show of Rambouillet. I know that some of the visitors had gave up when they saw the difficulties to access.

The good news is that the Organisers have a complete year to arrange the access and the parkings for the 2011 edition, and I hink that it will be much better.

Next Rendez-vous : The “Fête de la Nature et de la Venerie” in Fontainebleau, in June

« Derby Eland »

Pastel and black pencil– 40 x 30 cm

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