The Big One – Part 11

The Big One – Part 11

The trunk is finished, finally! I think that it was the longest part of the painting. I can now concentrate on the rest of the body of the elephant. But before that, I have two things to do: the tusks.

The Big One : "Tusks" - detail

The main challenge is to give an impression of relief, especially on the right tusk : if the left one  is pointing downwards, the left is bent forward. This impression is unconsciously done by the shadow on the tusk. I like the little “break” at the end of the tusk.

The Big One - work in progress

As I have extra time, I want to put the first layer of paint on the front legs and on the rest of the body. This layer is achieved quickly with diluted burnt umber tone  to mark the shadows and the big skin folds.

Hmm, it starts to look like an elephant, isn’t it?

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