Hunting lioness Painting

Hunting lioness Painting

Here is the finished painting of the approching Lioness.

"Aluna" - Oil on canvas

Since last time, I added the foregrounds  : more sharpen near the lioness with high grass hiding, then blurry  closer in order to have a depht sensation. The result is photographic like , as I wanted.

Hunting Lioness - detail " zoom with the wheel of your mouse"

For your information, I tested a new way to take pictures with two big spots from each side of the painting. I took the picture with a long time shot and a colorimetric adjustment in photoshop. I’m pretty satisfied with the results of the colors.

So, we have to give her a name. As I did for the others African paintings, I would like to give her an african name with a meaning.

What do you think about:

– “Aluna ” : Approaching in mwera


– “Kichaka” : bush, thicket in Swahili

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